About Us - Onkar Seva Sansthan

On the eve of the twenty-first century, in the year 2000, a group of very enthusiastic people initiated ONKAR Seva Sansthan at Jamtara, a district of newly formed state in Jharkhand. They had in their heart, a zeal for making contribution to the society in the changing scenario. The entire district has undulated and hilly terrain with scattered patches of forest. It is a part of famous Chhottanagpur plateau and located at the eastern part of the state of Jharkhand, adjacent to West Bengal. The district is mostly dominated by a primitive tribal population – Santhals. This tribal population is in true sense, disadvantaged and marginalized in the society. Thus the founders of ONKAR, resolved to intervene in the process of development for this downtrodden section of the mankind specially those are the corner stone of the society, in the district of Jamtara, Deoghar,Dumka, and Dhanbad through a unified effort. It was the beginning of a long journey towards the developmental goal of ONKAR.

Just a decade ago a group of enthusiastic youth intermingled together to do some good work which can replicate in the society. We were also participants in those days. After completion our education we used to work some human welfare, in those days which was popularly known as charity. We were having identity with different linguistic and different culture of Jamtara and Dhanbad district in Jharkhand and also neighboring rail town of Chittaranjan in West Bengal. During our continuous meeting or get together amongst us, always we used to share our views and exchange our ideas towards welfare activities. Once we decided to make a platform from where we can work for the welfare of weaker section of the society. In this way Onkar Seva Sansthan born with its legal identity.

In the year 2000 our organisation registered from the state Registration Authority and consecutively it has registered with 12A & 80G of I.T Act and in the year 2008 it has got its registration under FCRA Act. 1976 on 18th September 2008 by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India & also renewed FCRA registration on 16th August 2016 for next five years.

Our organisation’s main objective is to uplift the socially excluded and under privileged communities with special emphasis to women and children including the unemployed youth in the field of education, health, entrepreneurship building and livelihood security. In the year 2000 we started our programme with awareness generation building on different issues among the common people. Gradually we worked for education for school dropout children, elimination of child labour, campaign for school choice and environment pollution, preventive health care, women empowerment specially to combat the witchcraft practices and since last 5 years we are successfully implementing the vocational training from which at least 60% trainees specially school dropouts youths are now engaged either employed or self employed, after all they have beat themselves as a self entrepreneur which is made their security in the family life. We have also completed work with women from the excluded community specially women and adolescents of LCPs (Leprosy Cured Persons) in the district. We imparting training vocational training to the LCPs from which they have started to earn for them instead of begging.

Apart from Jamtara district we also worked in Dhanbad district for the destitute children providing them preventive health care services. Along with health care services a number of awareness generation camps were organized on health, hygiene and sanitation practices as a preventive health care measures. In the year 2016 under the support of Global Sanitation Fund we started our work in the theme of Swachh Bharat Mission and in this work we were also supported by District Commissioner under the banner of Swachh Bharat Mission, Govt. of India. We implemented our work in the Purbi Tundi and Dhanbad block of the district. Previously the open defecation was a common phenomenon in this area but now the Purbi Tundi declared as ODF (Open Defecation Free) after our intervention.